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Party People is the top PvP guild on Scilla. Our focus is on World PvP, Rated BGs, Arena networking, and general shenanigans. We are currently on an extremely limited recruiting system. Always interested in "top notch" PvPers. Apply on our forums!
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Kurble, Feb 28, 11 2:40 PM.


Lost Forum Posts of the Drunken Pelican

Kurble, Feb 22, 11 9:40 PM.
Here are the posts that were deleted during the great battle of Tol Barad.


See?  I told you guys there was a reason I liked Sugarbear.

I am insane amounts of drunk.  19 pings of horde as I died.  But I'm sure I was with a team of 98 alliance as two horde duoed us.

VODKA GO!  We are party people!  We only fight 5v1!  GO GO GO!

EDIT:  SOMEONE SAID I WAS BAD.  THEN HE DIED.  I have like a ;iter of vodka left.  Tell my I'm bad.  Come in here with your 1400 teams and trash me with your high school quality vodka.  GOOOOOOOO
I won!  Correct answer: We both used Popov!  High Five!

Fun statistical facts. <br/><br/>Battle right now.  I'm far from sober.  From entry to raid (maximum 16 people right now) I was Damaged from 39 different horde.<br/><br/>Butthorn died four times before our 16 man raid lost a single member.<br/><br/>Raid continues to flow toward horde base despite a number of 16 v minumum 39.<br/><br/>Conclusion: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLKOOLOLOL

Drunken summery:
No wonder this guild refuses a 6v4.   They struggle a 40 v 16.

Goochi.  You should charge these nerds 20k an hour.  They could use one non abysmal healer.

Edit:Butthorn dead five more times.  Gkick imo if you want to be the "anti-Party People" guild.

So really I suggest you all grow big beards.  I just got laid for the first time in months because I had a beard.  Also I just alt tabbed and there is a flag in my dead corpse. NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Kurble, Feb 13, 11 9:38 PM.

Gurubashi Ganking take 3!

Kurble, Jan 15, 11 7:39 PM.
We're going to be raising the pot to 20kg!

Hopefully more people show up to try and take it from us.

See you there tomorrow @ 9pm.

This kitty says "Please show up <3"

JawaCat says

Kurble, Jan 10, 11 10:43 PM.

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